Music is a language to express feelings. As with every language, it is important to understand what you need to say and then perfect the form and delivery based on context and audience.

That is why Ludovico is able to provide a wide range of musical services in many different genres, from symphonic and neo-classical to electronic, pop, rock and many more.

He can assist you in many ways, from music composition to consultancy, production, teaching and many others.

But as every project is different and taylor-made, please contact him for detailed pricing information and to check availability.


By Ludo

I live and work in Milan, Italy. I don’t mind working remotely, but I absolutely love travelling, so if you need me in your country, I’ll be glad to come.

Of course! It’s not just that I love seeing new places and meeting new people, but it’s the best way to really dig into the specific culture and musical background. This is really important to create music that speaks to the people it’s addressed to.

It can be 2 days like 6 months, depending on the tasks requested. Contact me to discuss your needs and timings.

Yes. If you need a musical playlist for a special occasion, be it a gala dinner or athletes entrance in a stadium, I can create it for you and deliver it as you prefer, from a selection of ordered tracks to a single mixed and mastered file, ready to play!

Contact me to discuss your project, timings and requirements.

You can check out a few of my past works in the Works section. Generally I love to mix classical instruments (piano, strings, brass, etc.) with synthesizers, drums and whatever suits the mood or project.

However, my passion is for music in general, so I’m familiar working in many different genres (classical, pop, rock, ambient, electronica, etc) and I like to cross borders between them as often as possible.

I’m resident composer and producer at the Core-T-Zone studio in Milan (see Contacts), working with a number of incredibly talented mixing engineers, musicians and producers.

This enables me to offer top quality, in-house services for you project, starting from the recording sessions down to the mastering phase.

Yes. If you work in the Automotive industry, you really have to contact me as I’m absolutely in love with anything connected to cars and motorbikes, as my collaborations with brands as Formula1, Ferrari and Maserati  probably already advice.

For anything else, just drop me a line and get in touch with me. I like meeting new people and figure out new creative ways to empower their ideas with my music.

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