Music creation and production

With a decade-long experience as music composer and consultant for worldwide events and shows, Ludovico has delivered soundtracks for numerous renowned brands, organisers and sports agencies, such as UEFA, Formula1, Maserati, Ferrari, Barcelona FC, among many others.

Driven by his passion to convey world cultures on stage, Ludovico’s work stems on international music influences, merging traditional instruments with modern tunes. He gathers an extensive experience in large-scale shows, creating layered, complex and notable scores strongly rooted in local cultures, and providing enjoyment to audiences all over the world. 

Among his breakthrough shows: the Riyadh Season Opening Ceremony in 2021, the Opening Ceremony of UEFA Euro2020 in Romethe Opening Ceremony of the XXX Universiade in Naples, Fang Fu show in Beijing in 2018, Dubai World Cup in 2017 and Expo2015 Opening and Closing Ceremonies in Milan.

Ludovico is also a lecturer at the prestigious CPM Music Institute in Milan, providing courses in Computer technology for musicians and Ableton Live.

Making music is 80% psychology, 20% knowing the notes.
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